I am the first person to poke fun of myself most of the time. So after 3 years of having a livejournal, I decided to wear my big girl pants and jump on the bandwagon that is blogging at myblog.de. I will probably rant and ramble a lot in my blogs and do you ever get annoyed by people who always say 'oh my life!'? Well I'm one of them. Sometimes crazy things happen and I can't believe that they actually DID happen. So, I'm going to blog about these things.
Going back about 2 months in my life, things were pretty damn easy going and I was enjoying life stressfree. Back in Los Angeles, I met this girl called Lauren. I knew her from myspace and we used to chit chat a lot... on the internet, of course. But since I'm a douche I didn't walk up to her and say Hi.

Other than that Miley Cyrus almost ruined my trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, OC... She had her sweet sixteen party in Disneyland the day I went there. Pretty cool, huh? No. Disneyland was crowded by teenie boppers who should finally start using pro active. J and me were waiting in line with Miley's background dancers (I LATER on found out that they were her background dancers.) and were totally annoyed when this teenie boppers walked over and noticed the guys waiting with us. Of course they were surrounded by those teens within a few minutes. Luckily J and me could just walk away with them noticing. Also, the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood sucked for not letting us in and telling us that Lindsay Lohan was having her birthday bash there.

Being back in Germany, life's been treating me pretty good. I can't complain. The only thing I could rant about is my grandmother. She is the worst. If I prayed, I'd pray to god that I am not like her when I get old. She's 69, grouchy, self-centered, naggy and embarassing. And the worst, she is constantly complaining about her husband and even considered a divorce. Who gets divorced when they're old anyways? Dying alone doesn't sound like too much fun... Also, she's the only one (other than me) how knows about my Mum's boyfriend. Pretty cool, huh? Nah.. I don't think so.
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/ Website (15.11.08 11:02)
Wieso schreibst du denn in Englisch, Herzchen? :D Da muss ich mich ja richtig anstrengen beim Lesen...wusste gar nicht, dass deine Oma auch davon weiß. Zu Hause dieses We? Wegen ancalln ;]


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